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141 East Town Street, Suite 310, Columbus, Ohio 43215

Our Culture

Who We Are

At Koon Property Group, we love real estate. Each of us developed a passion for it through valuation careers which allowed us to see and understand many types of real estate as we interacted with owners, developers, builders, lenders, and various consultants. Our natural curiosity leads us to constantly pursue a deeper understanding of how real estate can meet the needs of those who use and invest in it. Our expertise ranges from the single-family residential market to the most complex of asset classes including hospitals, hospitality, heavy industrial plants, senior housing, and shopping malls. We are particularly attracted to clients who have a need for real solutions to real problems.

Our core value is to serve our clients, tenants, and partners by listening to their goals, objectives, and needs with a unique understanding of real estate value and its creation. We have a unique set of skills that allow us to serve our clients in many different ways.  We value long-term relationships and assisting clients with complex real estate issues. Acquisition, disposition, ground-up development, and overall strategic decision-making are services that we provide from a foundation of the understanding of value.

Our Story

Sam Koon began his real estate career at eighteen, after receiving his real estate license. While he was pumping gas at a fuel station at Brice Road and Livingston Avenue, Sam met a man that introduced him to real estate by cutting lawns at his rental properties. Immediately, Sam fell in love with real estate and sat for his real estate sales license as soon as he could. With that, Sam began his career in real estate and never looked back.

James Koon began his real estate career at fifteen, writing probate appraisals for his father’s commercial real estate appraisal firm. James continued to write through high school and college and turned commercial real estate into a full-time career following college. Just like his father, James fell in love with real estate and has been pursuing that passion ever since.

After working in several different areas of the business, James had always dreamed of partnering with his father owning a development and brokerage company together.  In 2021, he decided to make the dream a reality and returned to his roots.  At the end of the day, James asked: why do this with others when I can be doing it with my father?

Sam has created a name in the business of integrity, trust, ethics, and morality that is respected across the state of Ohio. No one better to work within the real estate business than Koon Property Group – a family company and a full-service commercial real estate development and brokerage firm. From our family to yours, let us help you grow where you are planted!